SQFuels Eugene Features

Forage Design offers the following services for commercial building design and planning of new construction, additions and remodels, including:

  • Project Management
  • Permitting & Code Research
  • Sustainable Site Planning
  • Green Building Design
  • LEED Consulting
  • Stormwater Management
  • Planning for Zero Energy Buildings
  • Interior Design
  • Main Street Design Guidelines



During the Pre-Design & Planning Phase, we can assist with establishing visioning and goals, and building targets through client/team meetings or larger workshops and design charrettes. We encourage an integrated design process where possible to engage owners, developers, architects,  contractors, and users to set building and site performance targets up front as this can dramatically inform the entire process. We can help you write these performance targets and green design goals into your RFP/RFQs, and integrate these into your project performance contracts with your design, engineering and construction teams.

In the Design Development + Construction phases, we can help with opportunities and constraints analysis and conduct code research to establish the most ideal building envelopes. Our work can ensure the proper orientation and site design to maximize water collection or stormwater management, plan for passive and active energy generation/storage, and integrate biophilic and biomimic design. We can help you develop your team and facilitate the project management throughout the planning, design, permitting and contracting process.

For Interiors, we can provide design assistance with space planning and overall interior design look and feel, as well as sourcing of innovative and reused equipment and materials when desired to reduce costs and make your project unique. In all our work, we encourage natural, non-toxic building material selections where possible to ensure the most healthy, productive, and comfortable interior environment for users.

The key to achieving a sustainable building in the long-term is all about effective Ongoing Operations and Maintenance. We can can help you ensure contracting language is in place to ensure proper installation and performance of all equipment and develop operational tools to ensure ongoing management of your green building. We draw upon collaborating consultants to help you get the best quality design, performance and innovation.