Foraging for Design Inspiration

In our work and play, we are constant foragers of design inspiration, seeking nourishment for the body, sustenance for the spirit, and fodder to fuel our creative fires. We are consummate researchers of examples of how others had been building to last the test of time, seeking models of good density and livable spaces, searching for innovative green building and architectural bio-mimicry to glean lessons from the time-tested design of great cities.


What follows are photo collections and writings that document many inspirations and lessons from our research and travels, including: Travel and art, housing design, urban design and city planning, biomimic architecture, green building and sustainability, and designing cities for human interaction. We have thousands of images and inspiring examples to share so we hope you’ll follow along. See below for some starter collections.

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We love the word FORAGE because it is both a verb (hunting, seeking, questing) and a noun (meaning food, fodder, sustenance). And within the word: For Age. Lasting the the test of time.

We chose FORAGE as our business name because this word is representative of an ethic that has driven a long career of green building and environmental design. As environmental designers, we were inspired by how children have an innate ability to be expert foragers. They will inevitably seek out tree clusters as forts, gathering supplies of leaves and sticks as materials to create houses or build boats to float in nearby waterways, and easily discover birds nests overlooked by most. A scavenged cardboard box becomes a castle and a paper cup becomes a rocket. Their imagination is fueled by the abundant resources surrounding us without limits. We love traveling with tiny people who know so well how nature can be our greatest teacher.


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