Zero Net Energy Buildings

ZNE Companion Guide to Zero Net Energy in CA: 
Tools + Resources for Decisionmakers, Designers, Owners, Policymakers + Champions

The ZNE Companion Guide to Zero Net Energy in CA is an example of a product I conceived, managed and co-wrote with a media consultant for New Buildings Institute to help California advance zero net energy buildings. I enjoy creating educational tools, resources and events that benefit a broad population. While this was initially created for California, the ZNE Toolkit is now being broadened for national use and illustrates the way I tend to think about tool creation: create the tools with the foresight and intention that they can then have a ripple effect for even broader application and impact.

While at NBI, I also helped initiate and manage a ZNE Leadership Network. The intent of forming a ZNE Early Adopters Leadership Network was to create a peer-peer learning network to support public sector building staff and decision-makers with education, lessons learned and proven approaches for planning, design, construction and operations to achieve zero net energy annual building performance. Between 2013-2014, I managed the development of a three-day training curriculum, held five large public workshops and convened more than 350 early adopter leaders to share case studies and lessons learned, discuss barriers and pathways for getting to zero, visit buildings designed to ZNE performance, and participate in visioning efforts to plan their approaches to various buildings and campuses. These early adopters are seen as the gateway advocates for ZNE within their own organization and to influence other colleagues and entities.