FORAGE. for·age

noun | food, sustenance
verb | hunt, search, quest

Forage Design is about creating refound spaces and renewed places through sustainable design and planning. At Forage Design we believe that well-designed places can inspire us, feed our hungry souls, and nourish our connection with nature and each other.

We value design approaches that are place-based, sustainable, and multifunctional to serve diverse uses and community needs. We draw on existing resources where possible, to create low-impact, green planning and design approaches that are inspired by the people, culture, and context of each place. In all our work, we value the integration of ecological solutions to create lasting quality, craftsmanship, and innovation.

Green Street Edges Charrette

Re-found Spaces + Renewed Places. This word “Forage” represents many things, at times it is about transforming found objects and other times it is about rebuilding unrecognized places into dynamic “re-found spaces”. In larger planning projects, it is about creating renewed places by transforming them with dynamic landscapes, interactive art and inviting gathering spaces for clients in the public and private sectors.

Sustainable Design + Building | These approaches are at the core of our green building and design work. From stormwater management design, to energy efficiency and net zero design, building remodels or large scale planning projects, we have decades of professional expertise in the green building industry to help achieve individual client goals.

Research + Education | Whether it be through technical research, analysis, tool creation (e.g. case studies), public engagement or educational curriculum development, we like both the hard science as well as softer side of fostering ongoing learning through program design and community involvement projects.

How we Work |  As a consulting firm, we enjoy collaboration with seasoned professionals and community leaders that push the boundaries beyond “the average” to forge unique solutions. We are highly professional, yet also easy going, quick to laugh and full of creative outside the box ideas to keep things dynamic. As creative thinkers and solution seekers, we don’t often settle for “can’t”, instead we are always looking for “how can we?” We are foragers, constant seekers of new ideas, hunting for examples of how others have been building with quality to create good livable density and active artful public spaces, interesting adaptive reuse of objects and ultra-sustainable buildings, searching out architectural bio-mimicry, and drawing upon time-tested design of great cities as new models for our own creative work. To learn more, visit our blog: “Foraging for Design Inspiration“.